MIP 2022 Computational Competition

Within the Mixed Integer Programming (MIP) Workshop 2022 we host a computational competition.


The computational development of optimization tools is a key component within the MIP community, and in the 2022 edition of the MIP Workshop, we would like to encourage and provide recognition to these important developments through the first MIP Computational Competition.

In this competition, we challenge everyone to create novel general-purpose primal heuristics for mixed-integer linear optimization problems. Participants are encouraged to develop LP-free heuristics, however, it is allowed to solve auxiliary convex optimization problems.

Besides the recognition for the winner of this challenge, high-quality submissions will be offered an expedited review process in Mathematical Programming Computation.

For more details, see the rules file at the bottom of this page. For any questions, please contact us via email.

Key information


Everyone is welcome to participate! The participation of students is highly encouraged: besides the main award, the jury may decide to recognize outstanding student submissions (submissions where the majority of the work was performed by students).

Files and submission

Competition organizers